Your Crypto Credit Card

Wirex Limited is the platform for management of personal finance using blockchain technology Wirex issues plastic and virtual cards which can be filled up with both fiat and cryptographic currencies. Wirex charges commissions on fiat-to-fiat transfers that it says are lower than MasterCard and Visa; it says that for remittances the service is far cheaper than incumbents like Western Union, which doesn't move physical cash across borders and so needs to maintain cash reserves in every country it serves.
We're an FCA-regulated borderless payment platform - buy, exchange & spend crypto and traditional currency. The bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet firm also doubled account Wirex payment thresholds for users within the 31-member European Economic Area (EEA) to between $18,560 and $20,000, meaning customers can credit their accounts by that much.

The Wirex prepaid card leverages i2c's payments processing platform, which allows card issuers to quickly create and scale high-value payment and digital commerce solutions on a single global SaaS platform with industry-leading reliability and security.
The rigid geometric qualities of this typeface establish the sense of a digitally-led, modular aesthetic of the brand's visual identity; while a vivid colour palette of Dark Green and Light Green are used in tandem with various shades of pastels and greys to differentiate Wirex's standard and premium payment cards.
Many people like me joined WireX, thinking that we can simply load up BTC (or other tokens, but I'm just going to use BTC for the sake of convenience) into our bank account, and use a connected debit card which would subtract the precise amount of BTC from our account.

Fees: Depending on which MCO Visa card you choose, you'll be required to hold from 0 up to 50,000 MCO on your card for the first 6 months, 2% fee if the monthly ATM withdrawal limit is exceeded (over $200-$1000, depending on the card, otherwise free), 0.5% Interbank exchange fee if the limit is exceeded (over $2,000-$20,000 depending on the card).
You are now adding Bitcoin into your wallet, so later you can send them into whatever card you want. The idea behind the foundation of Wirex is to enable the customers to make payments either with cryptocurrencies or with traditional currency. Also, if you're interested in Bitcoin as a virtual currency and have no interest in using it as an exchange for goods - Wirex is not ideal.

The company recently made headlines when one of its issuers, WaveCrest, was removed from the Visa network due to lack of compliance with Visa's polices, the card provider said. Last year, Ohio partnered with cryptocurrency company BitPay, and the state became first in the U.S. to allow businesses to pay their corporate taxes in bitcoin.
It was the first company in the world to bridge the gap between digital money and traditional fiat money by making cryptocurrencies spendable via the Wirex Visa card, i.e. in shops, restaurants, travel or withdraw funds from ATMs. If you are wondering what the Wirex trading platform is like when it comes to buying and selling supported cryptocurrencies, this Wirex trading section will detail all you need to know.

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